Providing Protective Knee Pads for Toddlers & Crawlers

Introducing SkinSafer - Protective Knee Pads for Toddlers & Crawlers

SkinSafers are Knee Pads for Toddlers & Crawlers. They provide protection for babies knees and clothing. They are perfect for:

Inside Play: Hardwood floors and tile surfaces

Outside Play: Concrete and pavement surfaces and wooden decks.

What Kind of Protection Do SkinSafers Provide?

SkinSafers provide protection to your babies delicate knees.

With SkinSafers you can say goodbye to:

- Scrapes

- Bruises

- Redness

- Splinters

Encourage your child's crawling with SkinSafers!

How are SkinSafers Constructed?

SkinSafers are made with 100% neoprene. SkinSafers are lightweight, breathable and washable. Adjustable Velcro straps provide a one size fits all for all babies.

Pretty in Purple!

SkinSafer's come in pretty purple for little girls!

Sales Map

We are proud to announce that as of September 2012 we have completed sales in the below states. Help us color in the map and order your SkinSafer today!